Claveria, Cagayan Province, Island of Luzon,

Republic of the Philippines

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Claveria is the northernmost community in the Republic of the Philippines.   Lacaylacay is the northernmost rock formation visible from the town.  Lacaylacay holds great spiritual significance for the people of Claveria.

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Thelma's family home in Poblacion (downtown), Claveria.  The house was built circa 1938, and occupied by Japanese military officers during World War II.

Pulling the net is a social activity on Claveria’s beautiful beach.  Here Thelma and Jon joined a fishing family to help them pull their net to shore.  That evening, the family distributed a share of the fish to family members, and friends and neighbors who helped pull the net.  With no refrigeration in Claveria, fish must be eaten quickly.  Those not eaten are turned into bottles of fish oil which are sold in local stores, and distributed to inland barrios and towns.

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